Management Board


The human being is the centre of all our endeavours, in anything we do, in all our design, development and manufacturing work.

Qualified and highly motivated CHRISTMANN employeeds constantly solve new problems and face the challenges that come our way.

Againg and again, the limits of what is makeable are reviewed, adjusted and set higher.

Especially in the area of micro-subassemblied and micro-compnents, new and flexible approaches and a high measure of technical creativity are the prerequisites for successful work and brings on new solutions in what is often uncharted territory.

We apply our human resources and brainpower, creativity and experiences to any project commissioned to us. We are proud of the fact that much we have developed has never been conceived or put int practice bere us.

Many new and trend-setting solutions and technical approaches can be traced back to us.

That is why your trust in us is well placed. We approach every project with the responsibility it deserves.

Yours Sincerely

M. Christmann

Markus Christmann

General Manager:
Harald Helget