Product Samples


Helmut Christmann GmbH produces high precision turned parts in single or serial parts. With all kind of machines up to 10 axes we're able to fullfill requests no matter how complex.

By request of our clients we undertake the task of doing different surface treatments, just like slide grinding, coating, anodic treatment, electroplating, vacuum brazing, and many more.

  • short and long turned parts
  • up to 8-axes-machinery
  • Abmessungen max. bis D=100mm, L=300mm
  • machinery of ferrous non-ferrous metals, all kinds of titanium, steel, precious metals, plastics, Inox, Hasteloy, and many more
  • hard turning up to 64HRC
  • single and serial parts
  • programming with NC-Fox and Missler Top Solid
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