Clamping Chucks

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CHRISTMANN High Precision produces clamping chucks for wire-cutting machines

  • floating heads with different clamping chucks
  • manual and automatic retooling
  • ideal for single and multiple clamping

The use of CHRISTMANN clamping chucks substantially reduces machine downtimes. CHRISTMANN High Precision's unique floating head technology allows lightning-fast precision retooling for every workpiece at every level.

What can better demonstrate our quality and reliability than this: all CHRISTMANN floating heads are delievered with a 10-year guarantee.

Of course, CHRISTMANN High Precision also provides customized solutions, counsels and trains on the spot. Maintenance is available, too. Especially, when the operating life of a machine is to be extended for which CHRISTMANN clamping system are increasingly used. CHRISTMANN's Multi Clamping System (MCS) makes it possible to clamp several workpieces at the same time. This means a substantial increase in machine productivity and, with it, saving costs.


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